SAUEZM experts have completed training in nuclear safety in the United States

During the course on nuclear safeguards policy and information analysis SAUEZM experts discussed with other participants and experts the main trends in the field of nuclear safety and reviewed the international experience of nuclear safeguards policy, including the IAEA safeguards system, the work of Agency inspectors, and the methods for collecting, processing and transferring relevant information. In particular, they have attended lectures from representatives of the Livermore National Laboratory, James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies, the Idaho National Laboratory, the National Security Center (Y-12), and IAEA experts on international nuclear safeguards and work of inspectors in this area.

«In the Agency we support the desire of our experts to self-improvement and gain new knowledge. Such training courses help us to expand the Agency's expertise in leading areas for us, in particular to ensure the nuclear and radiation safety of the Exclusion zone», - said the Head of the SAUEZM Vitalii Petruk.

During the course, the participants also had the opportunity to test the gained knowledge in practice and to verify, in the role of IAEA inspectors, radiation safety at training facilities for radwaste and spent fuel management.

«This course helped me to better understand both theoretical and practical aspects of the implementation of safeguards. This is extremely important from the point of view of nuclear safety and non-proliferation. In addition, this topic is very interesting given that we cooperate fruitfully with the IAEA - and this course is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the work of the general system and inspectors of the IAEA», - shared the gained experience a participant of the course, the Head of International Cooperation Department of SE «COTIS» Anastasiia Nechytailo.