Water routes along the Pripyat and Uzh rivers were developed in the Exclusion zone

n accordance with the Decree of the President of Ukraine №512 / 2019 «On some issues of development of territories that have been exposed to radioactive contamination as a result of the Chornobyl disaster» SAUEZM has developed water routes to visit the Exclusion zone. Experts of the Chornobyl Reserve, SSE «Ecocenter» and SE «COTIS» were involved in the development of the routes. In particular, the routes include the Pripyat and Uzh rivers.

As the management of the SAUEZM emphasize, the development of new forms of visit to the Exclusion Zone was initiated by the Public Union «The Association of Chornobyl Tour Operators» due to the increase in the number of visitors by almost 10 times over the past 5 years. In addition, water routes allow you to see the other side of the Exclusion Zone - its nature.

All routes are checked by dosimetrists and are safe for visitors. All trips must be made in compliance with the requirements of the Law of Ukraine «On the Legal Regime of the Territory Contaminated by the Chornobyl Catastrophe» and «Rules of Radiation Safety in Works in the Exclusion Zone and the Zone of Unconditional (Mandatory) Resettlement».

Currently, organizational arrangements are held to implement these routes for visitors.

SAUEZM experts have completed training in nuclear safety in the United States

During the course on nuclear safeguards policy and information analysis SAUEZM experts discussed with other participants and experts the main trends in the field of nuclear safety and reviewed the international experience of nuclear safeguards policy, including the IAEA safeguards system, the work of Agency inspectors, and the methods for collecting, processing and transferring relevant information. In particular, they have attended lectures from representatives of the Livermore National Laboratory, James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies, the Idaho National Laboratory, the National Security Center (Y-12), and IAEA experts on international nuclear safeguards and work of inspectors in this area.

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Фахівці ДСП «Екоцентр» обговорювали проблеми сучасної ядерної енергетики на ХІІІ-й Міжнароднії науково-технічній конференції у м. Харкові

З 18 по 20 жовтня 2017 року у м. Харкові відбулася ХІІІ Міжнародна науково-технічна конференція молодих вчених та фахівців.

Основні тематичні секції конференції: «Радіаційне матеріалознавство», «Розвиток ядерно-енергетичного комплексу в Україні»; «Ядерна, радіаційна і екологічна безпека при поводженні з радіоактивними відходами та відпрацьованим ядерним паливом»; «Робота з громадськістю в атомній галузі».

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