Ukrainian border guards, with the assistance of SAUEZM, have received equipment for detecting nuclear and radioactive materials

With the assistance of the State Agency of Ukraine on Exclusion zone management in the framework of international technical assistance project equipment for detection of nuclear materials and radioactive substances was transferred to the Zhytomyr border detachment. The equipment provided by the Government of Norway included dosimeters, spectrometers, protective suits, gas masks and other necessary equipment.

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NATO and SAUEZM held a conference with potential performers of the project for elimination of burial for "historical" radioactive waste in the Kirovograd region

During a working visit of the NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) delegations in Ukraine, the experts continued their work on the NATO Trust Fund on Elimination of the Tsybuleve burial in the Kirovograd region. The State Agency of Ukraine on Exclusion Zone Management together with NSPA held a conference for potential performers of the project.

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SAUEZM with help of the EU continues to improve the Ukrainian system of radioactive waste management

On November 29th, 2018, the grand completion of the project of international technical assistance of the European Union «Support for management of radioactive waste in the industrial complex «Vector» in Ukraine» took place. The State Agency of Ukraine on Exclusion Zone Management was the beneficiary of this project aimed at strengthening safety in management of all types of radioactive waste (RW).

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Ukrainian scientists are developing a new Concept for water protection in the Exclusion zone

During the 7th All-Ukrainian Conference with International Participation «Problems of Hydrology, Hydrochemistry, Hydroecology», experts from SSE «Ecocentre» presented reports on the study of radioactive contamination of water facilities in the Exclusion zone. In addition, based on the analysis of data on hydrological regime and water pollution, the experts grounded the scientific community the basic principles for creating a new concept for managing the water facilities of the exclusion zone.

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SAUEZM and the US Forest Service are working on increasing the fire safety in the Exclusion zone

Representatives of the US Forest Service and the State Agency of Ukraine on Exclusion Zone Management (SAUEZM) presented a current state of transfer of international technical assistance to SE «Severnaya Pushcha» during a working meeting on increasing the capacity of the Exclusion Zone Fire Rescue Companies in response to a fire, and discussed the priority areas of work that are taking place, with fire prevention measures, and plans for future cooperation.

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Almost 100 experts are looking for effective solutions for transforming the Shelter object into an environmentally safe system

During the conference «Transforming the Shelter Object to an Environmentally Safe System: Experience, Problems and Solutions», organized by the State Agency of Ukraine on Exclusion Zone Management, the State Specialized Enterprise «Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant», the Institute for Safety Problems of Atomic Power Plants, the Ukrainian and international experts have been working on developing an optimal practical scenario for the Shelter transformation. About 100 specialists took part in the scientific and practical conference, which, based on existing research results, developed a consolidated position of international experts on how to implement scientific recommendations in a specific work scenario at the Shelter.

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Experts from Exclusion zone enterprises deepen their knowledge in the field of geological disposal of radioactive waste

Experts from enterprises that belong to SAUEZM took part in the regional IAEA training course on the fundamental principles for creation of radioactive waste disposal facilities. During the course, international experts briefed the participants on the IAEA recommendations for developing a roadmap, planning and managing the exploration of sites for the creation of a geological storage for RW, involvement of stakeholders and security standards for similar facilities.

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Chornobyl NPP is preparing a new layout of nuclear power plant

SSE «Chornobyl NPP» is approaching the completion of creation of a new interactive layout of the ChNPP industrial site, which reflects the modern look of the station. The layout will demonstrate to the visitors of the station extremely detailed facilities of the site (up to rust on metal elements of buildings), as well as will give an opportunity to see everything that is happening or is located at the station - from one and a half hour of transportation of radioactive waste (RAW) to the 4-year construction of the NSC Arch, from pedestrian routes to railroads.

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Experts of the Chornobyl NPP have mastered new methods for determining the radionuclide composition of wastes

Experts from the LOKMIS (Lithuania) company, within the framework of the IAEA technical cooperation project UKR9038, have conducted a weekly training course for modern methods of measuring the activity of alpha, beta and gamma radionuclides for experts of SSE «Chornobyl NPP». Particular attention was paid to the mass spectrometer Agilent 7500 ICP MS, which is used by the ChNPP water and radiochemistry measuring laboratory.

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