120 packages of radioactive waste, processed at the Chornobyl NPP liquid waste processing plant, have been accepted for disposal at Vector production Complex

The first 120 packages of radioactive waste (RW), which are formed after liquid radioactive waste processing during the process of decommissioning of the ChNPP, were accepted at the Vector production complex. The waste is taken to a specially equipped surface storage for solid radioactive waste (SESSSRW) of Complex «Vector».

«The construction of a liquid radioactive waste processing plant, which was formed during the decommissioning of the Chornobyl nuclear power plant, was funded by the Nuclear Safety Account, managed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. Ukraine's main obligation was to put the plant into operation, but changes to Ukrainian building regulations and the need to comply with all long-term radiation safety requirements have slowed the path to its industrial operation. For a long time it had the status of an «unfinished building» of the Exclusion zone. But 2 months ago, we officially started its industrial operation and today we are already seeing the real results of the plant wok. In addition, at the beginning of this year, we completed the construction of another «long-term construction», the first stage of the Vector production complex, one of the repositories of which receives this waste from the Chornobyl NPP. Today we state that 120 packages have been successfully accepted by the Vector complex and in the near future the plant and repository should reach full production capacity», - said the Head of the SAUEZM Vitalii Petruk.

He also stressed that the Vector complex repository will provide 300 years of safe waste storage.


The design capacity of the Liquid Radioactive Waste Processing Plant is 42 packages (200 liter barrels) per day. Provided uninterrupted operation of the plant over all 250 working days, it is 10.5 thousand packages per year.

After processing, the waste is stored in a delay room at the ChNPP site. Radiation monitoring is then carried out in accordance with the acceptance criteria for disposal and the packages are redirected to a specially equipped surface storage for solid radioactive waste (SESSSRW) storage facility.

The production capacity of SESSSRW as of today, taking into account the whole set of procedures of Complex «Vector», is about 24 packages per day. The total storage capacity is 71280 m3 and allows to store in the RAW compartments a volume of 50210 m3 with annual productivity - 704 containers KTZ-3.0 (15) and 8759 waste barrels.

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