A project on rehabilitation of storage sites for radioactive waste of Chornobyl origin was launched in Ivankiv district

The project of international technical assistance for the rehabilitation of storage sites for radioactive waste (RAW) of Chornobyl origin located outside the Exclusion Zone is included in the stage of practical implementation. With the financial support of the European Union within the framework of the "Nuclear Safety Cooperation Instrument" program, the said sites for temporary storage of radioactive waste have been distributed by their degree of radiation hazard.

"These places are located within Zhytomyr, Kyiv and Chernihiv regions, often in the immediate vicinity of settlements. "Pisky-1" burial site, which was recognized as one of the 9 most dangerous sites, is only 20 km away from Ivankiv and is in an abandoned state. Taking this into account, "Pisky-1" was chosen as a pilot object and for it a technical decision has already been developed for rehabilitation," - Mykhailo Khodorovskyi, director of the SSE "Kyiv SISC", says.

Work on rehabilitation of the site provides, in particular, for the disposal of about 300 m3 of radioactive waste and contaminated soils. After that, they must be taken to the storage facility of the Buriakivka complex, located within the Exclusion Zone, for the purpose of final disposal.

Within the framework of the project, SSE "Kyiv SISC" has already supplied equipment for the detailed characterization of the PDDW (point of disposal of decontamination wastes) and removal of radioactive waste: mobile and portable equipment for radiological measurements, equipment for sewage and transportation of radioactive waste, as well as communication and personal protection equipment. All equipment was tested, and personnel were trained to work with the received devices.

The next step will be a detailed characterization of the facility, after which specialists will be able to proceed to the cleaning of SPRW “Pisky-1” from accumulated RW.

Reference information:
SPRW "Pisky-1" functioned in 1987 - 1989. It received waste generated as a result of decontamination works in neighboring villages (Pisky, Karpilovka, etc.). The total area of the radioactive waste disposal site is estimated at 124 m2. About 200 m3 of waste containing 137Cs, 90Sr, 241Am is stored here.

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