About 200 homeless puppies will be taken from ChNPP to the USA

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In April 2018, employees of the Clean Future Fund, the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant and NOVARKA company shipped 12 puppies from the ChNPP site, which will fly to the United States in June, where they will be arranged in the families and find permanent homes.

Employees of the Fund report that all necessary permits have been obtained for the delivery of puppies for export, therefore, in total, it is planned to take about 200 puppies in the USA.

All dogs will undergo dosimetric control, they will be washed and taken to Slavutych in a previously organized shelter for puppies located on the territory of the horse-riding base. They will be there for the next 45 days.

On the shelter base there are specially trained instructors for daily care of them, and on weekends people will be able to come and play with puppies.

According to the official website of SSE «Chornobyl NPP»