Almost 100 experts are looking for effective solutions for transforming the Shelter object into an environmentally safe system

During the conference «Transforming the Shelter Object to an Environmentally Safe System: Experience, Problems and Solutions», organized by the State Agency of Ukraine on Exclusion Zone Management, the State Specialized Enterprise «Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant», the Institute for Safety Problems of Atomic Power Plants, the Ukrainian and international experts have been working on developing an optimal practical scenario for the Shelter transformation. About 100 specialists took part in the scientific and practical conference, which, based on existing research results, developed a consolidated position of international experts on how to implement scientific recommendations in a specific work scenario at the Shelter.

«At the present time, we are approaching the completion of setting of a new safe confinement into operation, which will become an important but not final step in transforming the Shelter object into an environmentally safe system. A lot of work is ahead, including handling of post-war radioactive wastes and fuel-containing materials from the facility, which are still little investigated and are the main source of danger to the facility», – says the Head of SAUEZM Vitaliy Petruk.

As experts point out, transforming the Shelter object into an environmentally safe system is a complex and long-term process, the stages and ways of its implementation are not yet fully defined. In accordance with the current «Strategy for the transformation of the «Shelter» object», dismantling of unstable structures, removing the remnants of nuclear fuel and fuel-containing materials from the damaged reactor and management of radioactive waste occurring in the process are mandatory. But the issue of the final state of the object is still open, so experts are considering different conversion scenarios and its possible results.

During the conference experts got acquainted with the available developments on this issue, namely: analysis of factors that determine the safe state of the object, a model of the radiation status of the NSC and the Shelter, as well as an assessment of the effectiveness of radiation protection at the industrial site. During the discussion the experts developed a draft decision defining the sequence of steps for transforming the Shelter object after the NSC commissioning, and also proposed using computer simulation methods at the stage of working design and long-term support for the conversion of the Shelter object to ecologically safe system.

For the prompt information and easy registration for the participants of the conference, experts of SAUEZM enterprises have specially created a separate online resource, as well as electronic invitations with built-in interactive maps.

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