An autonomous meteorological station RW-4 has been installed near the Dytyatky checkpoint, which will be used to obtain data on weather conditions in the exclusion zone

Experts of the scientific department of the Chornobyl Radiation and Ecological Biosphere Reserve in cooperation with the company «Meteotrek» installed an autonomous meteorological station «Meteotrek RW-4» near the checkpoint «Dytyatky».

According to scientists, the establishment of an autonomous meteorological station is a very important step in building a system of meteorological observations in the protected area.

Similar stations are planned to be installed in other areas of the protected area, which is 2270 square km and divided into 17 districts. The scientists together with the company's representatives visited the exclusion zone and inspected the possible places of their installation.

Thanks to meteorological equipment, you can get information about the state of the air, precipitation, wind speed and direction. The obtained weather data can be used to calculate the forest fire risk index and emergencies forecast.

The autonomy of the weather station is ensured by the use of a solar battery. The measurement is performed every 15 minutes and transmitted to the company's server and the Reserve's website

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