Analysis of the radiation state in the Exclusion Zone during the June fire confirmed the accuracy of operational information

After a recent fire in the Exclusion Zone, experts from the SSE «Ecocentre» analyzed all information received on June 5 - 8 on the radiation situation in the Exclusion Zone. The results of the analysis show the reliability of the previously published data.

«During the forest fires in the Exclusion Zone, we are paying much attention to the prompt and accurate information to the public on the radiation situation in the Exclusion Zone. According to preliminary data, during the fires on June 5 - 8, there were no excess of control levels of contamination. At present, the analytical materials of the specialists of SSE «Ecocentre» are confirming this», - Vitalii Petruk, Head of the State Agency of Ukraine on Exclusion Zone Management, emphasizes.

We remind you that on June 5 at 10:10 on the territory of the Exclusion Zone, fire was detected. 25 units of equipment and 138 people were immediately involved in the fire extinguishing. It was possible to extinguish the fire on June 7 at 17:50. On June 8, at 13:09, a new firing center was registered in the village of Kopachi, and at 16:60 this fire was eliminated. During the fires, the employees of the SSE «Ecocentre» made radiation and dosimetric monitoring of personnel and radiation situation in the Exclusion Zone.

The radiation background is controlled by an automated radiation control system (ARCS), which, in a state of emergency, provides minutely equivalent radiation dose data from 39 control points. Measurements of radionuclide content in the air were carried out at the same 39 points throughout the Exclusion Zone, as well as, on the fire line, by operational groups with mobile aspiration units. All data received during 4 days of fires were analyzed by specialists of SSE «Ecocentre».

«According to the results of the analysis, we determined that during the fire, the control levels of the equivalent dose rate in the Exclusion Zone were not exceeded. On the line of fire there was an increase in the volume activity of radionuclides, but by June 8, the radiation situation has stabilized. At the borders of the Exclusion Zone, the control levels and the period of the fire were not exceeded. Thus, the Exclusion Zone has fulfilled its buffer role in protecting against the spread of radioactive substances by air», - Serhii Kirieiev, General Director of SSE «Ecocentre», says.

Specialists of the SSE «Ecocentre» also tracked the doses of external and internal radiation of firefighters involved in the extinguishing. At the checkpoint «Leliv», radiation and dosimetric monitoring was intensified and laboratory investigations were carried out on the means of personal protection of the respiratory organs of the personnel.

«The maximum values of the dose of external irradiation were 1.5% of the control levels. There was no excess of the control level of 137Cs in the body of the rescuers. It was recorded only the surface contamination of overalls, which was sent at decontamination», - Serhii Kirieiev said.


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