At ISF-2, testing of a container carriage for the transport of spent fuel has been completed

At the industrial site of the spent nuclear fuel storage facility (SNFSF-2), the test of the container carriage TK-700 has been completed. It is intended for the carriage of spent nuclear fuel (SNF) from SNFSF-1 to SNFSF-2 for its further processing and storage.

"During the operation of Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant it has accumulated more than 21 thousand spent fuel assemblies of nuclear fuel, which are now stored in the old repository SNFSF-1 of "wet" type. With the support of international partners, SNFSF-2 was built: a modern "dry" type storage facility. It will provide reliable and safe storage of spent fuel for the next 100 years. Successful completion of the test of the container carriage is another important step towards the commissioning of SNFSF-2, since it will carry out transportation of spent nuclear fuel from one storage facility to another," - Vitalii Petruk, the Head of SAUEZM, comments.

This container carriage will transport the spent fuel assemblies by railroad to from the old repository to the newly built 9 pieces at a time. He will arrive at the building of the fuel preparation plant for further storage, where the spent fuel will be processed.

"Today, the test of the container carriage is completed. According to their results, the carriage meets all safety requirements. We have already sent all the necessary documents to the State Nuclear Regulatory Inspection and now we are waiting for them the licenses to operate," - _____ says.


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