At NSC, radiation monitoring is carried out using a drone

In order to evaluate the effectiveness of the anti-radiation protection of the New Safe Confinement (NSC), the personnel of the Chornobyl NPP performs measurements of radiation dose around the NSC. The work is carried out using an unmanned aerial vehicle (drone), to which the radiodosimeter is attached. The drone with a dosimeter is taken to a control point where it measures the dose rate at an altitude of 30, 60 and 90 meters above the level of the industrial site.

The results of the measurements will make it possible to compare the results of the dose rate during the dismantling of unstable structures of the Shelter Object after the commissioning of the NSC. The data will be comparable at the time of dismantling and after its completion.

«This year an interim report on monitoring results of current and past years will be published»,– Leonid Yakovenko, Deputy Director of the radiation safety department, says.
Measurements are currently underway along the NSC's northern and southern sides.

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