At the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant the work is ongoing on sealing NSC

At the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant, work is ongoing on installing a membrane for sealing the NSC Arch, which will completely isolate the space below the Arch from the environment.

At present, the anchor (fixators) of sealing is being secured within the limits of one of the most polluted blocks (block "B") of the Shelter Object in the places adjacent to the eastern end of the Arch to existing structures, but not enough space is available everywhere for their attachment. Therefore, the Shelter Object (new safe confinement) operation shop (SOOS) deepens the niche and cuts the fittings in the areas where the anchors with construction structures are glued. Later on, sealing membrane will be secured on these anchors.

The work is carried out under difficult conditions, since parts of the post-accident equipment are left in the premises, which complicates access to certain areas. Employees have to clear the territory and establish temporary structures for access to work areas. Due to the high level of radiation on the site several brigades work in turn.

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The membrane for sealing the NSC arch is made of polyurethane. It can withstand stretching up to 55% of its original size, wind load up to 300 km / h and has special inserts that prevent rupture. The width of the membrane is 1.5 m, the length of one section is 16 m, and the total length is 2000 m.

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