At the ISF-2 Chornobyl NPP complex «cold» tests have been completed

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Complex «cold» tests at the spent nuclear fuel storage # 2 (ISF-2) of the Chornobyl NPP have been completed. The tests were performed using spent fuel assemblies simulators to test all technological systems of the facility.

«The construction and commissioning of the ISF-2 is a matter of guaranteeing the safety of spent nuclear fuel storage at the ChNPP for the next 100 years. After all, it is now stored in an old storage facility, service life of which is set to expire», - emphasized Vitalii Petruk, the Head of the SAUEZM.

Work is now underway to remove any mistakes that were found during the test. The next step will be to develop and approve a preliminary safety analysis report and obtain a relevant State Building Inspectorate certificate. After that, the experts will be able to go on to the "hot" tests with real spent fuel assemblies.