ChNPP and SSE CERWM continue cooperation in the field of liquid radioactive waste management

Experts of Central Enterprise for Radioactive Waste Management visited the plant for liquid radioactive waste processing, which operates on the industrial site of the Chornobyl NPP. The purpose of the visit was to control the technological processes of processing and cementing of liquid radioactive waste. In addition, representatives of the SSE CERWM got acquainted with the work of the measuring water-radiochemical laboratory of the Chornobyl NPP and the automated process control system.

Liquid radioactive waste generated during the operation of the Chornobyl NPP, as well as during the decommissioning of power units and the transformation of the Shelter object into an environmentally safe system are subject to disposal.

All radwaste undergoes special preparation before disposal. This process consists of cementing them in 200-liter steel barrels, which are filled with hardened radioactive waste in the form of concrete. After that, the immobilized radwaste is sent for disposal to a specially equipped near-surface storage of solid radioactive waste, located on the PC «Vector» of the Central Enterprise for Radioactive Waste Management.

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