ChNPP obtained permit for operation of the NSC enclosing perimeter and continues the works to put the Shelter Object into operation

The Head of the State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine, Grigoriy Plachkov, issued a separate permit to the SSE «Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant» Series ОД No. 000033\11 providing the right to carry out operation of existing building constructions within the boundaries of ChNPP second stage, performing functions of New Safe Confinement (NSC) enclosing perimeter after they were reinforced and sealed.

The ground for issuing the permit is a positive conclusion of the State expertise of Nuclear and Radiation Safety to the package of documents submitted by the State Tax Service of the Chornobyl NPP, as well as the inspection survey performed by the SNRIU in the period of 14-17 January, 2019. The survey confirmed the ability of the Chornobyl NPP to carry out the declared activity on operating the mentioned constructions.

According to the Head of the State Agency of Ukraine on the Exclusion zone management Vitalii Petruk, obtaining the permit for the operation of the NSC enclosing perimeter confirms once again the professionalism and responsibility of engineers of the Chornobyl NPP and subcontractors who worked for 35 months in extremely difficult radiation conditions to implement the project on reinforcement and sealing of the 2-nd generation Chornobyl NPP building constructions, which perform the functions of the NSC enclosing perimeter.

With the start of NSC operation the building constructions of the NSC enclosing perimeter will be part of the NSC construction and will be operated as a single facility.

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The project «Reinforcement and sealing of the 2-nd generation Chornobyl NPP building constructions, which function as the NSC enclosing perimeter» lasted for 35 months.

In January 2018, the State Architectural and Construction Inspectorate of Ukraine certified the compliance with the design documentation and confirmed the readiness to operate the complete construction of the NSC enclosing perimeter, about which the SSE ChNPP has been given a certificate. During 2018 the preparation, examination and approval of the package of documents required for obtaining a separate permit continued.

The decision to issue a separate permit was also made in accordance with the requirements:

1. The normative document «Conditions and procedure for issuing separate written permits for types of activity or operations to transform the Shelter object into environmentally safe system».

2. License for operating the «Shelter» object, series EO No. 000033 dated December 30, 2001.

The design works were completed by Ukrainian «KSK Consortium» consisting of three Ukrainian organizations: PJSC «Kyiv Research and Design Institute «Energoproject», SE «State Research Institute of Building Structures» and Institute for Safety Problems of NPP of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

The construction was carried out by the Shelter consortium consisting of four companies: PJSC «Kyivmetrobud», PJSC «Ukrenergomontazh», Ukrainian state building corporation «Ukrbud» and LLC «BC «Ukrbudmontazh»

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