Chornobyl NPP hosted a national IAEA workshop on radioactive waste characterization

At the SSE «Chornobyl NPP» within the framework of the IAEA project UKR 9038 «Support for decommissioning of nuclear power plant units and radioactive waste management at the site of the Chornobyl NPP and in the Exclusion zone» a workshop on the characterization of radioactive waste and packages with immobilized waste was conducted. Participants of the workshop got acquainted with international practices of radioactive waste characterization, in particular, examples of legislative regulation of this field, equipment for characterization and methods of measuring radionuclides activity.

According to the SSE «ChNPP» experts, such information is important for the Chornobyl NPP, as the station is currently in the decommissioning phase, which leads to the generation of large quantities of waste. In July 2019, a plant for liquid radioactive waste processing was put into industrial operation, and within the next 6 months it is planned to utilize the capacity of up to 10 packages of radioactive waste per day. Liquid radioactive waste storage requires a professional and operational approach to the characterization of both waste and packaging with immobilized waste.

According to IAEA expert Peter Ormai, in characterization issues Ukraine follows the best world practices and implements them in its activities. «This is partly due to the fact that international organizations are giving them strong help because of the issues that have emerged in the countries after the Chornobyl disaster. And it is not only financial or technical assistance, but also assistance in the development of modern regulations. According to the results of the workshop, it is safe to say that the Ukrainian regulatory framework is fully in line with international practices», said the IAEA expert.


The workshop was attended by foreign IAEA experts from Hungary and France, representatives of ISP NPP, SNRIU, as well as 19 ChNPP specialists.

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