Chornobyl NPP is preparing a new layout of nuclear power plant

SSE «Chornobyl NPP» is approaching the completion of creation of a new interactive layout of the ChNPP industrial site, which reflects the modern look of the station. The layout will demonstrate to the visitors of the station extremely detailed facilities of the site (up to rust on metal elements of buildings), as well as will give an opportunity to see everything that is happening or is located at the station - from one and a half hour of transportation of radioactive waste (RAW) to the 4-year construction of the NSC Arch, from pedestrian routes to railroads.

Two years ago, when the works just began, the layout men planned to simply update the old layout of the station located in the Model Warehouse of the administrative building. This layout had its own peculiarity - it showed what the Chornobyl NPP was supposed to do if there had not been the accident: with completed blocks of the third stage, a full-flowing pond, two cooling towers, and without the «Shelter» and the NSC Arch. Taking into account all pros and cons, the authors abandoned the idea of reconstruction in favour of creating a fundamentally new layout, which would show modern ChNPP.

The new layout is made on an acrylic sheet and is installed on the TV screen, which displays an animated presentation of the construction of the NSC Arch. In parallel, real photos of this process are shown in slideshow mode.

The presentation material can be refined and over time, each department will be able to develop its own presentation for a layout that will demonstrate the system of electricity supply, radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel management, etc.

As of today the creation of a protective dome over the layout is underway. Approximate date of the layout presentation is scheduled for Power Engineers' Day.

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