Dear employees of the energy industry!

On December 22, on the day of the winter solstice, Ukraine celebrates your professional holiday - Energy Day. Symbolically, the holiday coincides with the shortest day and the longest night of the year, when the work of the power engineers is most visible and necessary. After all, now we can not even imagine our life - ordinary, professional, productive - without electricity. Therefore, your hard work, high professionalism, courage, and readiness to perform difficult, sometimes dangerous work at any time of the day, are appreciated even under the most unfavorable conditions.

You are the driving force of modern human life, we are grateful to you for the warmth and light in our homes, we feel protected from all sorts of troubles at work - because not only the entire production and industry as a whole, but also the economy of the state depends on the coordinated work of our energy companies.

Only thanks to your efforts and highly professional work SAUEZM management has always been confident in the energy capabilities and prospects of the Exclusion Zone, which contributes to the fulfillment of the tasks set by the state. We look forward to further cooperation in the implementation of projects related to the development of alternative types of energy in the Exclusion Zone.

May I sincerely congratulate all the energy industry professionals on a professional holiday, wish you good health, great wealth and family harmony, peace, confidence in the future and trouble-free work!

Head of SAUEZM
Vitalii Petruk

01133, city Kyiv, Lesya Ukrainka Blvd, 26

Phone: (044) 594-82-42


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