Experts from Exclusion zone enterprises deepen their knowledge in the field of geological disposal of radioactive waste

Experts from enterprises that belong to SAUEZM took part in the regional IAEA training course on the fundamental principles for creation of radioactive waste disposal facilities. During the course, international experts briefed the participants on the IAEA recommendations for developing a roadmap, planning and managing the exploration of sites for the creation of a geological storage for RW, involvement of stakeholders and security standards for similar facilities.

«The agency is currently working on improving the legislation on RW management, in particular on bringing the classification of waste into conformity with world standards. An improved system will highlight a type of waste as highly active, which require disposal in deep geological formations. Only this type of repository will allow you to reliably protect future generations from the harmful effects of these wastes. But the creation of a geological repository is a difficult and long-lasting process that requires a responsible approach, so we involve international experience in this area as much as possible», – emphasizes Vitaliy Petruk, Head of the State Agency of Ukraine on Exclusion zone management.

Ukrainian experts also presented a lecture on national experience in creating a radioactive waste storage facility in deep geological formations and a national radioactive waste management system. The experience gained during this course will be used by the agency in the further work on the creation of a geological repository in Ukraine.

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