Experts of the Chornobyl NPP have mastered new methods for determining the radionuclide composition of wastes

Experts from the LOKMIS (Lithuania) company, within the framework of the IAEA technical cooperation project UKR9038, have conducted a weekly training course for modern methods of measuring the activity of alpha, beta and gamma radionuclides for experts of SSE «Chornobyl NPP». Particular attention was paid to the mass spectrometer Agilent 7500 ICP MS, which is used by the ChNPP water and radiochemistry measuring laboratory.

According to the experts of SSE «ChNPP», the approaches and methods of radiochemical analysis, sampling and measurement on complex equipment are constantly being improved. Such training is important both for the laboratory staff and for the ChNPP as a whole, since the use of modern mass spectrometric methods of analysis allows for a more precise determination of the radionuclide composition of ChNPP waste that needs to be processed and disposed of.

Continuing and expanding such exercises will allow the experts to deepen knowledge about the practical use of radiochemistry, as well as develop new methods and techniques for the allocation and measurement of radionuclides and more rational use of the entire complex of mass spectrometric analysis.



Mass spectrometry is a method of studying a substance that involves ionization of substance molecules, division of ions formed during the process and their registration. This method allows to carry out quantitative and qualitative analysis of the studied substance.

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