Forests of the Exclusion zone received fire-fighting equipment from the Government

Head of SAUEZM Vitalii Petruk and the Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade Yurii Brovchenko transferred to the forest fire stations of SSE «Pivnichna Pushcha»a part of the equipment for rapid response to fires in the Exclusion zone territory. In particular, for the enterprise in 2018 new fire truck tankers, forestry patrol cars, tractors and auxiliary equipment for clearance of fire lines and fire control were purchased.

«Fire safety of the Exclusion zone is one of the priorities of the Agency, because the fire on this territory can lead to an increase in levels of radionuclides concentration in the air. Therefore, we pay a lot of attention to the improvement of fire infrastructure, the creation of fire bridges and mineralized bands in the Exclusion zone, as well as the development of an early detection and fire detection system», - said the head of the SAUEZM Vitalii Petruk during the event.

The transferred equipment was purchased at the expense of the Government and in accordance with the decision of the State Commission on Technological and Environmental Safety and Emergencies for the implementation of measures related to the prevention of emergencies in the Exclusion zone and the zone of unconditional (mandatory) resettlement.

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