IAEA experts are working on summarizing the experience of managing exclusion territories

Oleh Nasvit, First Deputy Head of the State Agency of Ukraine on Exclusion Zone Management, recently took part in a meeting of IAEA experts, held at the headquarters of the agency (Vienna), and was devoted to issues related to the management of territories withdrawn from the general use because the Chornobyl accident.

During the meeting, the experts of the participating countries discussed the topic of radiation monitoring of exclusion and resettled territories, and representatives from the Ukrainian side familiarized their foreign counterparts with approaches to public administration in the field of radioactive waste management, decommissioning of the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant and transformation of the Shelter Object into ecologically safe system.

According to the results of the event, the final versions of the projects of two documents of the IAEA were finalized and prepared under the titles: "Radioecological monitoring of exclusion and resettled territories after the Chornobyl accident" and "Existing experience in management of exclusion and resettled territories", which aim to summarize the experience of countries affected by the accident on ChNPP, in the field of overcoming the consequences of the accident.

After passing the approval process, these documents will be published by the IAEA and sent to the interested parties of the participating countries. "The problems and challenges that are currently posed by the functioning of the Exclusion Zone are extremely important. The information obtained in the course of the meeting on monitoring of the environment and the general management of the populated areas will certainly be used in the further work of the SAUEZM", - said Oleh Nasvit, First Deputy Head of SAUEZM.

In conclusion, the experts discussed the priority issues that need to be considered during the next meetings in 2018.


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