In Brussels Head of SAUEZM presented Ukraine's progress in the field of radioactive waste management

During the meeting of the EU Member States Committee for the Nuclear Safety Cooperation Instrument (NSCI) Program the Head of SAUEZM, Vitalii Petruk, presented the current state of the radioactive waste management (RW) system in Ukraine and the prospects for implementing the NSCI Program projects. He also briefed the participants on the projects of international technical assistance (ITA) on nuclear safety implemented in the Exclusion zone with the financial support of the European Commission under the NSCI Program and the achievements in the field of improving Ukrainian legislation in this area.

In particular, among the important results of Ukraine he noted the functioning restoring of the State Fund for Radwaste Management, which will fund the work of the RW management system, as well as progress in the establishment of the Strategic Roadmap in conjunction with the JSO.

«Due to the support of the international community the most important projects in the Exclusion zone are the NSC and SNF-2 facilities are at the final stage before their commissioning. In addition, active work is under way on the development of a national radioactive waste management infrastructure and decommissioning of ChNPP. We are involving international experts and learning the best world practices in order to choose the most optimal concepts for characterization and disposal of radioactive waste in Ukraine, as well as bringing Ukrainian legislation in this area to the European standards», – says Vitalii Petruk, Head of SAUEZM.

Adoption of a new classification of RW, construction completion of a «dry» storage facility for spent fuel No. 2 (SNF-2), commissioning of a new safe confinement and a liquid radioactive waste processing plant, continued work on creating a geological repository are among the priorities for 2019 implemented with the support of the international community.

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