In Brussels, the Head of the SAUEZM informed the European Commission about the contribution of international nuclear safety projects to the RW management system in Ukraine

Head of the State Agency of Ukraine for the exclusion zone management Vitaliy Petruk together with Deputy Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine on European Integration Mykola Kuzio discussed with the representatives of the European Commission implementation of international technical assistance projects within the framework of the Program «Instrument for Nuclear Safety Cooperation» (INSC), which are implemented with EC financial support.

«Thanks to the successful cooperation with the European Commission, Ukraine continues to improve the radioactive waste management infrastructure to increase radiation safety and reach a qualitatively new level. At the end of 2017, specialized equipment and personal protective equipment for emergency brigades for the removal of radioactive waste from storage facilities that were formed during the first years of the Chernobyl disaster consequences were transferred to 5 specialized plants of the State Corporation «UkrSA» Radon». Also, an integrated automated system of radiation monitoring of the environment is installed at the enterprises», - says the Head of the SAUEZM Vitaliy Petruk.

He also noted that now Ukrainian experts are actively developing a long-term national target environmental program on radioactive waste management and spent nuclear fuel. This program will allow to manage processes in the RAW management system more efficiently.

In addition, in the summer of 2017, the targeted use and accumulation of the State Fund for the management of radioactive waste was restored. In April 2018, the Procedure for using the funds of this fund was approved.

According to the Head of the SAUEZM, Ukraine can now finance a significant part of its work in the field of radioactive waste management on its own. The funds of the RAW Fund in the near future will be dedicated to the commissioning of the first queues of the «Vector» complex and the construction of a storage facility for storage of vitrified high-level radwaste that will be returned from Russia after the reprocessing of SNF from Ukrainian NPPs.

Also, new radiation safety projects were presented at the meeting, in particular, design of a development strategy of the State Corporation «UkrSA» Radon», creation of a single automated radiation monitoring system, and support of specialized enterprises on radwaste management in improving the safety culture.


In July this year, with the support of the EU, another project on increasing radiation safety around the exclusion zone was successfully completed. Part of this project was installation of an incinerator in Chernobyl in order to solve the problem of the safe disposal of radioactive contaminated wood, which is formed during fire-prevention activities (creation of fire bridges, clearing of forest roads, clearing of areas from burned forest, etc.). The operation of the incinerator will also allow to stop using natural gas to produce heat for the city of Chornobyl and, accordingly, reduce the financial costs, as well as provide the workers of the exclusion zone with constant hot water and heating supply.

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