In the Exclusion Zone, the stage of preparation for field research in the framework of the joint Ukrainian-Japanese scientific and technical program SATREPS

Last week, a delegation of Japanese environmental scientists from the Institute of Radioecology at the University of Fukushima (Japan) visited the Exclusion Zone.

A meeting was held during which Japanese researchers jointly with the management and experts of SSE “Ecocentre” discussed the state of work on the project "Improvement of radiation control of the environment and the legal framework for environmental rehabilitation of radioactive contaminated territories" within the framework of the joint Ukrainian-Japanese scientific and technical program SATREPS. The main objective of the project is to strengthen the technical level of radiation control and legislative framework in Ukraine for the ecological restoration of radioactive contaminated territories, ensuring monitoring and modeling of new zoning of the Exclusion Zone.

As part of the joint project on the meadows and forest plantations of the Exclusion Zone, experimental sites for the study of surface runoff in various tracks of radioactive fallout with different density of soil contamination and physical and chemical forms of radionuclides have been selected and equipped. One of the key areas of this visit was to evaluate the technical capabilities of using the micro-quadcopter to determine the amount of forest biomass in contaminated areas of the Exclusion Zone.

"Now we are already at the stage of working meetings and preparation for field research. The main task of this regular visit is to discuss the technical features of the project of permanent research sites for observing the surface runoff and to study the processes of radionuclide flushing from the surface of the catchment. According to the results of geodetic surveys, the optimal position of the experimental sites is selected ", - said Serhii Kirieiev, General Director of SSE “Ecocentre”.


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