In the Exclusion Zone there will be a unique digital sculpture ARTEFACT

With the assistance of the State Agency of Ukraine on Exclusion Zone Management, for the first time in the Exclusion Zone, a large digital sculpture ARTEFACT will be installed, and the world stars will create musical accompaniment to it using the sounds of Chornobyl. The project is devoted to the modern problem of the information age that shook the whole world – manipulation of information, fake news and post-truth.

«The Chornobyl themes have always attracted a great deal of interest from the public and media. And where there is demand for information, rumors, legends and, as a result, fake news may appear. All this leads to misinformation of citizens on important issues. Therefore, the agency supports the initiative of ARTEFACT organizers. Qualitative, accurate and true information, fight against fake and responsible use of information is the key to the development of our state», – Vitalii Petruk, Head of SAUEZM, said.

The presentation of sculpture in Chornobyl, to which the press from all over the world will be invited, will take place in October. By this time, the area will be visited by artists and host a number of meetings with active youth on the topic of protection from fake information, data checking, development of critical thinking and media literacy. All events of the art project will become part of documentary cinema.

Within the framework of the ARTEFACT project, a number of activities will take place, among which:
1. Creation and installation in the Exclusion Zone of the unique interactive digital sculpture that communicates with the observer;
2. Writing a soundtrack to it by world stars;
3. Creation of Sounds of Chornobyl Sound Library, which can be used by musicians from all over the world;
4. Lectures with young people and creative industry workers on the topic of truth and media literacy;
5. Interactive exhibitions and communications at festivals and cultural events of Ukraine;
6. Presentation of digital sculpture in Chornobyl with the organization of international press tours;
7. Creation of documentary film «ARTEFACT».

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