Preparations for removal of radioactive waste from the object «Pisky-1» have started in Kyiv region

Experts of the SSE «Kyiv SISC» have started preparatory works for the direct retrieval of radioactive waste from the object at the Radioactive Waste Disposal Site «Pisky-1» of the Kyiv region. Currently the preparation of the site and placement on it of the necessary infrastructure and physical protection system devices is underway.

The project is developed with the support of the European Union under the UNSC Program and aimed at remediation of the sites for Chornobyl radioactive waste storage outside the Exclusion zone. The technical solution for «Pisky-1» has been prepared as a pilot project.

«As a result of the project implementation, the Kiev region will get rid of one of the potentially dangerous repositories. Also, thanks to the EU and the work of our experts, the received results will become a solid ground for remediation of similar sites located on the territory of Chernihiv, Kyiv and Zhytomyr regions», - said the Head of SAUEZM Vitalii Petruk.

According to the director of the SSE «Kyiv SISC» Mykhailo Khodorovsky, as of today the detailed characterization of the facility has already been carried out, its territory has been divided into the main technological zones where the works will be conducted, and the local authorities and the public are informed about the nature and schedule of the works. At present, the main equipment that will be involved in the process of retrieval and transportation of radioactive waste will be transferred to the site.

According to the implementation plans there is a visit of the SNRCU representatives to the site in early June, after which a permit for the start of works on the retrieval and re-disposal of RW should be issued. After that, the works on retrieval of RW and their transportation to the «Buryakivka»site in the Exclusion zone will be physically started.


Radioactive Waste Disposal Site «Pisky-1»functioned in 1987-1989. It received waste generated as a result of decommissioning works in neighboring villages (Pisky, Karpilovka, etc.). The total area of the radioactive waste disposal site is estimated at 124 square meters. The wastes containing Cs-137, Sr-90, Am-241 are stored here. Works on the site remediation provide, in particular, the retrieval of about 300 cubic meters. of radioactive waste and associated contaminated soils, as well as their transportation to the «Buryakivka» site located within the Exclusion zone for the purpose of their final disposal.

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