SAUEZM and Atom Trade Union have approved for employees of USC "Radon" the salaries scheme

On February 5, the State Agency of Ukraine on Exclusion Zone Management and the Trade Union of the Nuclear Power and Industry of Ukraine approved the amendments and additions to the Sectoral Agreement. This document approved a single tariff wage disbursement scheme (salary scheme) of employees of the Ukrainian State Corporation "Radon".

"This step is extremely important, because in this way we bring the labor relations at the enterprises of the corporation in line with the latest changes in the legislation. This will allow us to more actively involve professionals and stop the outflow of highly skilled personnel," - Vitalii Petruk, the Head of the SAUEZM, stressed.

USC "Radon" and the main enterprise of the corporation - "Central enterprise on radioactive waste management" (SSE "CERWM") - the only Ukrainian national operating organization for radioactive waste management at the stage of their long-term storage.

According to Valerii Matov, the Head of the Atomic Trade Union of Ukraine, a large step has been taken to equip Radon corporations with skilled workers, so far providing them with decent wages and an optimal social package.

In addition, it was emphasized on the need to combine the efforts of SAUEZM and Atom Trade Union to develop a unified tariff scheme for all companies in the Exclusion Zone. At present, the collection of substantiated proposals and payments from enterprises within the scope of SAUEZM management is ongoing. The representatives of the Atom Trade Union will be scheduled to discuss it this year in April.

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