SAUEZM in Sweden has informed international partners about the effective implementation of the Global Partnership Projects on Nuclear and Radiological Security and presented a new project

On the initiative of the Swedish Radiation Safety Organization (SSM), during the period from 8th to 9th of October in Stockholm (Sweden), the 3rd meeting of the Information Sharing Initiative on Technical Assistance to Ukraine in the area of Nuclear and Radiological Security is taking place. The meeting is aimed at establishment and further development of international cooperation in this area, as well as exchange of experience in improving the nuclear and radiological security regime between partners.

Within the framework of the event, the Head of the State Agency of Ukraine on Exclusion Zone Management, Vitalii Petruk, who headed the Ukrainian delegation, informed the international partners of the effective implementation of the Global Partnership on Nuclear and Radiological Security. In addition, the agency presented a new project on creation of a «Center for Emergency and Crisis Situations Response Center with Emphasis on Current Issues and Threats», which will provide a proper information sharing with public and the media in case of emergencies in the Exclusion zone.

According to Vitaliy Petruk the Agency systematically holds meetings of the Donor Coordination Committee on the implementation of projects related to the security of sources of ionizing radiation management. In particular, during the XII meeting, which took place in July this year, it was informed about the hot tests on the Centralized Storage for Spent Sources of Ionizing Radiation (CSSSIR) for the purpose of further commissioning. The «Hot Tests» program has already been completed, and the final report is currently being prepared.

With the support of the US Government through the US Department of Energy in the Dnipropetrovsk region the project «Public Relations and Information Campaign on the Amnesty Program of Abandoned Sources of Ionizing Radiation» is being successfully implemented. NATO Trust Fund contributes to the implementation of a project on retrieval of radioactive waste from «Tsybuleve» burial site in Kirovograd region.

During the meeting the main issues of cooperation were discussed and new projects in the area of nuclear and radiological security were outlined.

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