SAUEZM with help of the EU continues to improve the Ukrainian system of radioactive waste management

On November 29th, 2018, the grand completion of the project of international technical assistance of the European Union «Support for management of radioactive waste in the industrial complex «Vector» in Ukraine» took place. The State Agency of Ukraine on Exclusion Zone Management was the beneficiary of this project aimed at strengthening safety in management of all types of radioactive waste (RW).

"We are pleased to announce that another EU assistance project for Ukraine has been successfully completed. Its realization allowed to improve the national system of radioactive waste management taking into account the internationally recognized requirements for human safety and the environment as a whole", - emphasizes the Head of SAUEZM Vitaliy Petruk.

The results of the project implementation were a technical task for the design of Technological Casing on Solid RW Processing, a report on the safety analysis of the facility, a report on environmental impact assessment and a report on compliance with Ukraine's sanitary requirements. In addition, the experts prepared recommendations and substantiation of the choice of acceptance criteria of waste disposal in SENSSRW (specially equipped near-surface storage for solid radioactive waste) and TPV-1 and TPV-2 storage facilities on the basis of a reassessment of their safety, taking into account the SNRCU observations. These steps will increase the safety and cost-effectiveness of radioactive waste management in Ukraine in order to achieve the long-term goal of the final and safe disposal of radioactive waste.

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