SE «Ecocenter» will select water samples for radiation monitoring automatically

Within the framework of the Ukrainian-Japanese SATREPS project, experts of SE «Ecocenter» have received international technical assistance in the form of 3 sets of automatic water samples meter. These devices will be used for the first time during joint works on this project for sampling of surface, groundwater of the Exclusion zone and wastewater at radiation-hazardous facilities. After that the equipment will be transferred to the permanent use of the SE «Ecocenter».

«The received equipment will allow to automate the process of water sampling in the Exclusion zone and thus accelerate the implementation of radiation and ecological monitoring», says Sergiy Kireyev, General Director of SE «Ecocenter».

Samplers allow the collection of water samples in special containers made of fiberglass or polyethylene using a pump programmed for a specific volume of water and sampling rate. Also, the instruments have a built-in thermostat to stabilize the temperature of the samples.

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