Specialists on the extinguishing of forest fires in the Exclusion Zone have been trained by the US Forest Service and discussed the possibility of organizing interagency cooperation during the elimination of fires

On February 26, 2018, US Forest Service specialists conducted training on the firefighting and personal safety of rescuers for employees of the profile enterprises of the Exclusion Zone. Among the participants of the exercise were specialists of forest fire stations (FFS) of the State Specialized Enterprise "Pivnichna Pushcha", State Enterprise "COTIS" and the 11th state fire and rescue detachment of the SES of Ukraine in the Kyiv region (11-SFRD).

The US Forest Service specialists shared their own experience in training personnel, preventing, detecting and extinguishing fires. In particular, much attention was paid to the issue of organizing interagency cooperation during the elimination of forest fires.

"The American experience in organizing the interaction of rescuers during the extinguishing of fires is very interesting for us, because in our plans for 2018 - the creation of a permanent interagency coordination center for the prevention and elimination of fires and emergencies in the Exclusion Zone. The indicated center will allow to improve communication between rescue units and forestry departments, as well as to ensure that the population is fully and promptly informed about the course and consequences of the fire," - Oleksandr Havrylenko, Head of the Department of Radiation Safety, Labor Protection and Civil Protection, says.

The participants of the training also paid much attention to the preparation for the fire-hazard period of 2018. During the training, they analyzed the experience of extinguishing past fires in the Exclusion Zone and discussed the possibilities of improving the system of reaction to the emergency situations. In particular, in 2017, specialists of the Exclusion Zone received 5 cameras for the system of early detection of fires, which has already significantly accelerated the process of detecting and responding to a fire.

At present, specialists of profile enterprises are studying the possibility of adapting the best practices of countering and extinguishing forest fires in the United States to the realities of the Exclusion Zone.

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