SSE «Ecocenter» and Bristol University began updating radiation contamination maps of the Exclusion zone

Within the framework of the cooperation agreement, the SSE «Ecocenter» and the University of Bristol (UK) conducted joint tests of a radiation mapping system operating on the basis of drones. With the participation of an expert team from the National Center for Nuclear Safety in Great Britain, they conducted a 9-day trial radiation mapping in the villages Buryakivka, Kopachi and Lesny at an altitude of 15-35 meters. As a result, scientists have received comprehensive cartographic materials of contamination on an area of about 15 km2.

As the Director General of the SSE «Ecocenter»Sergii Kireev noted, since the creation of radioactive contamination maps of the Exclusion zone there have been significant environmental changes, and existing maps are already out-of-date. The results of joint research institutions will allow to start a process for updating the radioactive contamination maps, which are necessary for the adoption of effective management decisions on the radioactively contaminated territories management.

Within the framework of the Agreement it is planned to conduct a series of similar joint cartographic studies using drones on radioactively contaminated territories located in the Exclusion zone.

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