Tests of systems for preventing leakage of radioactivity in emergency situations are underway at the NSC

On January 16, integrated tests of the radiation control system of the new safe confinement (NSC) started at the Chornobyl NPP. During the tests they simulate emergency situations and check the reaction of systems on them. Aim: to make sure that the radiation control system works according to the project criteria.

According to Yevhen Stromka, a leading engineer of the radiation safety department, tests are carried out as close as possible to the actual operating conditions of the facility's. The alarm signal is sent to the security controller, from where it is transmitted to the NSC technological systems. For example, an alarm from the ventilation system leads to door closing, closing off of air ducts, activation of air filtration system, and launch of audio and light alarm.

Within three days such tests were carried out in all areas of the NSC: in the courtyard space, in the block of liquid radioactive waste (RAW), in rooms for radioactive waste management and in the personnel work area.
After that, the tests of the organized emission control system in the NSC ventilation pipe and the checking of the airlock operation have begun. An important stage was the inspection of the most critical safety system - exhaust ventilation of the apartment space and the radiation control system located within it. This system evaluates whether the NSC performs its function - radioactivity delay under the Arch.
«The system is automated: it works involving a specialist, but some security commands are executed unconditionally and automatically. For example, in case of an aerosol level increase, ventilation is stopped immediately, and after that, the specialist decides how to proceed further», - says Maxim Savelyev, a leading engineer of the Project management group for «Plan of measures at the Shelter object».
Currently testing of NSC systems is in progress. When they come to a close, experts of the Chornobyl NPP under control of the contractor NOVARKA plan to conduct a 72-hour simulation of the NSC work involving all the equipment. In the case of a successful simulation and testing, the NSC will be ready to obtain a permit for experimental-industrial operation, and subsequently for industrial one.


The main participants of the NSC project participated in the tests: SSE ChNPP, NOVARKA, Management group of the Project «Plan of measures at the Shelter object» and State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine.

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