The first 150 people have already used the simplified procedure for visiting the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant

In connection with the increase in recent years of interest of visitors to the objects of the Exclusion Zone, a special place of which is the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant, as well as in accordance with the Law of Ukraine «On the Use of Nuclear Energy and Radiation Safety», by the leadership of the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant, in agreement with Vitalii Petruk, the Head of the State Agency Ukraine on Exclusion Zone Management (SAUEZM), it was decided to simplify the procedure for visiting the territory of the industrial site of the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant for all those who wish, but with the obligatory observance of the rules of radiation safety. Therefore, since March 2018, it is much easier to visit the ChNPP.

«Acting on the principle «it's better to see once than hear a hundred times», from now on, visitors were given an opportunity to get a complete picture of the work of the station and the projects that are being implemented on the industrial site. And today we see the first results», – Vitalii Petruk, the head of SAUEZM, commented.

According to the Chornobyl NPP, a simplified procedure for visiting the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant has already been used by more than 150 people, including Ukrainian citizens and foreigners.
To date, any resident of Ukraine or a citizen of another state, subject to compliance with the rules of radiation safety and the absence of medical contraindications, can see the life of the ChNPP, namely: how the process of decommissioning and transformation of the Shelter Object into an environmentally safe system takes place; walk through the «golden» corridor, get into various technological premises, see the control panels, security systems and other objects in their own eyes.

For guests, who arrive in the Exclusion Zone through the town of Slavutych, acquaintance with the work of station starts with a train carrying Chornobyl staff and Control Checkpoint «Semyhody», which is the largest health checkpoint station. At site visitors can get acquainted with a wide list of objects of Chornobyl, starting with the protective structure for emergencies, ending with the main rooms of power units, from which reactor control happened. In addition, everyone will be able to see in action the integrated automated control system of Shelter Object, to learn more about the New Safe Confinement (NSC), etc.

It is worth noting that ChNPP can also be visited by such persons, who are interested in the whole Exclusion Zone, or who come to the Exclusion Zone with a 2– 3– day visit and make their visiting programs in SAUEZM. On general grounds, they submit additional applications on the website of the ChNPP and on a certain day get acquainted with the enterprise.
For safe stay at the site, all visitors are provided with personal protective equipment and undergo mandatory dosimetric monitoring.

In the long run – expansion of the list of routes, adding to the route of such objects as the central hall of one of the power units, block control panel of reactor No. 4 (inside the «Sarcophagus»), access to space under the arch of a New Safe Confinement, etc.

Applications for visiting the ChNPP are submitted on the official website of the ChNPP, at the page, where each visitor can familiarize himself with the conditions for organizing a visit to the ChNPP and the rules for staying in the Exclusion Zone.

ChNPP specialists comment: «The interest in the station is very high. Since the launch of the system of automatic filing of applications on the site of the ChNPP, that is, in less than three weeks, applications of more than 100 people from more than a dozen countries have been submitted for the ChNPP basic route. This is despite the fact that while the limit for visitors per day is 15 people and for order only three working days a week are available. All visitors who were already on the main route were very pleased! What will happen if we open all days for the visit, will make available additional routes and increase the limit to 30 people per day?»

Ihor Hramotkin, General Director of SSE ChNPP, stresses: «It must be remembered that the Chornobyl NPP continues to be a nuclear facility, and we continue to strictly adhere to all security requirements for such enterprises. However, we try to be as open and transparent as possible, we try to minimize the number of barriers to visitors, to rid them of the complicated and confusing scheme of coordinating the visit. Today we are available to everyone!».

According to the materials of the official website of SSE «Chornobyl NPP»

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