The NSC staff began fire training

In order to work out the actions of the personnel of the ChNPP industrial site in the event of a fire on the New Safe Confinement (NSC), that was conducted at the facility. This training is unusual, because the NSC is not yet a completed object and not put into operation. However, due to the extraordinary complexity and importance of the object, it is necessary to teach the personnel to act in extraordinary circumstances at this stage.

"The unconditional benefit of such training is as follows: before the completion of the project, our staff and the fire department will be able to thoroughly examine the object, access routes, and get acquainted with the features of fire-fighting on the NSC. Due to this, in the event of an emergency situation in reality, they will be able to quickly and efficiently eliminate the fire", - Serhii Kondratenko, the Head of training, said.

Participation in the training was taken by the Chief of the station operating shift, the NSC operating shift, the radiation safety department, the ChNPP guarding military unit, the fire and rescue subdivision, and other ChNPP personnel and contractors. During the training, they worked out the interaction of units during the termination of work on the site, evacuation of personnel, de-energizing equipment and putting the fire-fighting system facility into action. The entire training process was accompanied by a dosimetry control.

According to the Head of the training, the personnel performed their duties in a qualitative way. Employees timely triggered the fire department, met fire trucks, indicated the ways of access. The training, as well as the preparation and transfer of fire passes to the facility, went fairly quickly.

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