The personnel of the Chornobyl NPP showed a high level of training in the management of robot manipulator in dealing with radioactive waste

In September, a training on maintenance and repair of BROKK manipulators took place at SSE "Chornobyl NPP". Experts were two specialists of the Belgian company Tecnubel. The training was conducted with the full financing from the Belgian government fund.

Training was carried out by the specialists of the Radioactive Waste Management Workshop (RWMW) on the basis of the solid radioactive waste management industrial complex (SRWMIC), which uses remote control devices BROKK-180 and BROKK-330.

BROKK-180 is used to remove solid radioactive waste. It can install such auxiliary devices as hydraulic hammer, concrete crusher, chain saws, metal hydraulic shears, a deactivation brush, a bucket and a pin for quick tool change. Multipurpose BROKK-180 allows it to be used for transport purposes, for crushing concrete, cutting metal, handling small objects, etc.

The BROKK-330 (crawler model) manipulator is located in a temporary storage of high-, medium- and low-level long-lived radioactive waste (RW). It is intended for placement in the cells of the storage of radioactive waste packages.

The management of all BROKK manipulators is carried out remotely by the RW processor of SRWMIC using remote controls and video surveillance systems. In a special kit, the work of BROKK can be used to perform work in conditions of radiation, chemical and biological contamination without the presence of a person in the danger zone.

Consequently, BROKK robots are kind of "universal soldiers", which can fulfill the lion's share of work that is dangerous to human life and health.

The training started from the theoretical part. The experts told the representatives of the RWMW about the main BROKK-180 systems and the signs by which it is possible to identify its failures.

The next day, the practical part of the training began. On the basis of BROKK-180, installed in SRWMIC, experts clearly showed the main elements of the manipulator and told about its "weaknesses".

On the last day of study, practical classes continued. According to one of the tasks, the personnel of the RWMW had to find and eliminate deliberately created by the experts a breakdown in the BROKK-180 system.

Experts recognized the training as successful and noted the high level of training of security personnel and the management of the BROKK manipulator. Based on the results of the training it was decided to continue cooperation with Tecnubel in this direction. Currently, a series of trainings is under consideration for 2018.

According to the materials of SSE “ChNPP” website

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BROKK Company is the world leader in the field of production and supply of disassembly equipment, which is remotely controlled, certified according to the ISO 9001 standard. The first BROKK-180 robot manipulators were manufactured in 2001. Unlike the "junior" models - 40th and 90th, which only have a manipulator rotating, the BROKK-180 has a counterbalanced swing platform with an electric motor and a hydraulic pump that provides a 360-degree rotation around the axis and greatly increases the machine's stability, and hence the safety of the work.

The weight of the machine is only 1900 kg, but it is able to control a 250-kilogram hydraulic hammer with a power of 410 J. The machine is equipped with a powerful three-section manipulator (arrow), has a large assortment of hinged equipment (including concrete, bucket, grapple, hydraulic hammer with rotary gear, grip, device for remote equipment change). The model is equipped with a reliable hydraulic, designed for heavy loads, and powered by an electric motor of 15 or 18.5 kW. BROKK-180 has maximum maneuverability for machines of this power. A telescopic arrow can be used to increase the working area. Its application makes it possible to work at higher altitudes and saves time while moving the machine in the working space.

As already noted, one of the main advantages of all BROKK machines is the operator's safety.


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