The preparation is underway at ChNPP to start a solid radioactive waste reprocessing plant

Works on preparing the commissioning of Industrial Complex for Solid Radioactive Waste Management (ICSRM) are in process at Chornobyl NPP.

This facility is designed for receiving and processing of solid radioactive waste (RW) accumulated during the Chornobyl NPP operation and being generated in the process of its decommissioning.

Radioactive materials of various types will be present within the walls of the industrial complex during its operation. One of them is ash to be generated during incineration of RW. To manage this ash, the Complex has a compaction station for 165-liter barrels that will allow reducing the volumes for their storage.

At the moment, the industrial complex is preparing for the third stage of “hot” tests, within which testing of the above installation is carried out. For testing, six 165-liter barrels with non-radioactive ash (simulator) obtained from the boiler-house of the city Slavutych were prepared. Such ash, by its physical characteristics and aggregate state, is similar to that obtained from the combustion of RW.

The purpose of the test is to check the operation of the installation, as well as to determine if the ash coming out of the barrel during pressing will not occur, which may negatively affect the personnel and lead to radiation contamination of the plant when working with the actual RW.

The pressing of the simulator is carried out in two stages: the first - pressing without the use of means to exclude or minimize the possibility of ash coming out of the barrel during the crushing; the second is pressing with the use of these tools. Both stages provide for control of ash pollution of installation units before and after pressing.

In the process of testing of the installation, the output of ash from the barrel was not detected. Consequently, there was no negative impact on the personnel and pollution of the plant.

As a result, such outcome shows that the use of special immobilization equipment — liners and filters — is not obligatory in the following work with radioactive ash.

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