Ukraine and the IAEA are looking for effective ways to handle high-level waste

During the technical meeting in Vienna, IAEA experts, the State Agency of Ukraine on Exclusion Zone Management (SAUEZM) and the Ukrainian State Corporation «Radon» discussed constructive approaches to the construction of an intermediate storage facility for vitrified high-level waste (HLW) that will be returned from the Russian Federation.

«Earlier, Ukraine shipped spent nuclear fuel from its NPPs for intermediate storage and processing to the Russian Federation. Now, according to the previous agreements, we have to accept the accumulated high-level wastes received as a result of recycling. The repository for these wastes must meet all international standards of safety and use the most efficient storage technologies of HLW, so we are actively involving world experts in developing the concept of this facility», – Vitalii Petruk, Head of SAUEZM, said.

The Ukrainian side presented to the experts for consideration conceptual approaches to the design of the storage facility for glazed HLW at the industrial complex «Vector», as well as approaches to the storage of packaging boxes. During the meeting, the main characteristics of packaging with vitrified HLW were discussed, as well as international experience in storage of such waste, namely, approaches to the design and operation of storage facilities.

«According to the results of the meeting, IAEA experts will prepare their recommendations for Ukraine regarding the concept of the repository of vitrified HLW. The use of these recommendations in the work will guarantee the safety during the operation of the future repository and its compliance with international standards in the field of radioactive waste management», – Andriy Burgomistrenko, General Director of the USC «Radon», says.


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