Ukraine has received new recommendations from the IAEA experts on managing the Exclusion Zone

Recommendations were made for the implementation of radioecological monitoring and management of exclusion and resettled territories after the Chornobyl disaster, as a result of the regional meeting of the IAEA experts in Vienna (Austria).

Representatives of the State Agency of Ukraine on Exclusion Zone Management (SAUEZM), the Research Institute of Radiation Protection of the Academy of Technological Sciences of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Research Institute of Agricultural Radiology of the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, and profile specialists of the Republic Belarus and other countries altogether attended the meeting.

The results of the meeting were the generalization of work on two projects of the IAEA: the first – “Radioecological monitoring of exclusion and resettled after the Chornobyl disaster territories”, the second – “Existing experience in management of exclusion and resettled territories”. In addition, it was decided to add recommendations for zoning of contaminated areas (including internal zoning of the Exclusion Zone) and the establishment of specific for each zone principles to conduct protective and restorative measures.

"Ukraine is one of the first countries in the implementation of internal zoning. But our approaches to creating a special industrial use zone have been approved by the IAEA experts. In the future, we need to work on a clear formulation of the status and goals of activity in this territory ", - Oleg Nasvit, the First Deputy Head of the SAUEZM, said.
The experts also emphasized in their recommendations the need to prioritize protection and safety in radioactively contaminated territories classified as reserved areas. For example, the priorities of the reserve in the classical sense may conflict with the main tasks of the Exclusion Zone.

“The unconditional priority of protection and safety acts in other countries for all radioactively contaminated territories without exception. This is an extremely important point, which, unfortunately, with the creation of the Chornobyl radiation and ecological biosphere reserve, can be questioned. But we do hope that, together with the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, we will be able to find an understanding on this issue as soon as possible, and consolidate it at the legislative level", - Oleg Nasvit stated.

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