Ukraine, with the support of the European Commission, is looking for ways of save liquid radioactive waste management

During the TF meeting on the INSC project on determination of the forms for safe processing, storage and disposal of radioactive waste (RW), Ukrainian and international experts discussed preliminary progress and priorities for the next phase of the project. In particular, the Ukrainian side presented information on the liquid radioactive waste flows, disposal of which is currently problematic, available and planned infrastructure for their management, as well as Ukrainian legislation in this area.

As Oleg Nasvit, the First Deputy Head of the SAUEZM, noted, currently the processing of liquid radioactive waste that cannot be disposed in its natural form is an issue for Ukraine. Within the framework of the project the experts have already gathered information on the available and possible amount of such radioactive waste at the working NPPs in Ukraine and SSE ChNPP, and now they are faced with the task of finding an optimal approach for characterizing such waste and turning it into a solid state for safe disposal. In addition, during the meeting, experts have discussed international standards, practices for such waste and the experience of Ukrainian SSE «EcoCentre» in characterizing bituminous RW. Specialists of the SSE «EcoCentre» together with international experts have also presented a working version of sampling methodology and approach to such waste characterization. These methods will be completed by the TF in framework of further implementation of the project. Reference:
The TF meeting was attended by representatives of SAUEZM, SE «NNEGC «Energoatom», EC-DEVCO, ISO, SNRCU, SSE ChNPP, SSE «CERWM», SE «Ecocenter» and acting NPPs of Ukraine.

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