Ukrainian and Polish experts are investigating a mobile installation for drinking water in conditions of radioactive contamination

Specialists of the Polish firm “Partner Systems” together with the specialists of the Central Analytical Laboratory (CAL), which is part of the SSE “Ecocentre”, have tested the mobile filtering installation FPW-50 intended for water purification from pollutants, including radionuclides, and water production, suitable for use. The object of the test was water from the lake Azbuchyn - one of the most contaminated natural reservoirs of the Exclusion Zone.

According to Yulia Balashevska, Head of the CAL, the technology used by Partner Systems in the installation is a combination of classical methods of water treatment and wastewater treatment - coagulation, mechanical filtration, ion exchange sorption and cheap disinfection, so the development can hardly be called the newest. "However, the design of the installation is rather impressive, with its ergonomics, ease of use and considerable power", - said Ms. Balashevska.

The laboratory is currently investigating the received filtrate. Experts hope that the tests will have a positive result and will allow the installation to be used successfully for drinking water in conditions of radioactive contamination.

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Partner Systems Ltd specializes in the production of filters used in crisis situations (during natural disasters, terrorist acts, in military situations) for water purification from chemical, biological and radiation contamination.

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