Ukrainian border guards, with the assistance of SAUEZM, have received equipment for detecting nuclear and radioactive materials

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With the assistance of the State Agency of Ukraine on Exclusion zone management in the framework of international technical assistance project equipment for detection of nuclear materials and radioactive substances was transferred to the Zhytomyr border detachment. The equipment provided by the Government of Norway included dosimeters, spectrometers, protective suits, gas masks and other necessary equipment.

Most part of the state border in the Zhytomyr region is situated within the Exclusion zone, so it is important for us that the border guards are provided with technical means for detecting radioactive materials. This is security assurances both for Ukrainians and our northern neighbors.

The transferred equipment for a total amount of more than 6.5 million UAH allows to identify special nuclear materials, radioactive substances of industrial, medical nature, and other materials which can be sources of ionizing radiation. The devices give an alarm signal in the case of detection of sources of neutron and gamma radiation, alpha, beta-pollution, as well as allow to conduct spectral analysis of the source of pollution and its identification.