Ukrainian scientists are developing a new Concept for water protection in the Exclusion zone

During the 7th All-Ukrainian Conference with International Participation «Problems of Hydrology, Hydrochemistry, Hydroecology», experts from SSE «Ecocentre» presented reports on the study of radioactive contamination of water facilities in the Exclusion zone. In addition, based on the analysis of data on hydrological regime and water pollution, the experts grounded the scientific community the basic principles for creating a new concept for managing the water facilities of the exclusion zone.

According to Sergey Obrizan, deputy head of the information and analytical department of the SSE «Ecocentre», with the support of the State Agency of Ukraine for the Exclusion zone management, a study on development of a new Concept of water protection activities in the Exclusion zone has been initiated. In this document all aspects of water resources management will be analyzed in detail, general principles and rules of operation of water facilities will be developed.

Special attention of the experts from the SSE «Ecocentre» and Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Institute was paid to the former reclamation systems. It is known that in the first years after the Chornobyl catastrophe, these systems became part of the measures to reduce radionuclides removal by water beyond the boundaries of the Exclusion zone. As of today, the vast majority of them have exhausted their water protection purpose. Existing regulations and rules of operation of water facilities do not allow to effectively manage the water regime of the territory and require significant funds for the maintenance of hydraulic structures. The new Concept should take this aspect into account in order to ensure the efficient management of water resources.


The conference was held on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the foundation of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine on the basis of the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Institute of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine and the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in Kyiv. More than 100 scientists, practitioners, postgraduates and students from leading Ukrainian scientific institutions took part in the conference. After the plenary session, the participants of the event participated in four sections, in which 105 abstracts were presented, which later will be included in the general collection of conference materials.

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