Water routes in the Exclusion zone are ready to welcome visitors and the routes meet all safety standards

A conciliation meeting chaired by the Head of State Agency of Ukraine on Exclusion zone management Vitalii Petruk was held in Chornobyl with the participation of experts from SSE «Ecocenter», Chornobyl Reserve, SE «COTIS» and the police in order to solve organizational issues while visiting the Exclusion zone by water. After the meeting there was a trip along one of the recently approved water routes: from city of Chornobyl to Otashiv village. The Head of SAUEZM Vitalii Petruk personally checked the readiness of recently opened routes of visit.

«Water routes in the Exclusion zone are ready to welcome visitors and they meet all safety standards. Checkpoints are ready, dosimetric control and support are provided», – he pointed out.

To visit the Exclusion zone along this route, an appropriate application must be made and the visit organizer must provide visitors with water transport. The route is only available while water navigation is open.

Recall that in pursuance of Presidential Decree No.512 / 2019 «On Some Issues on the Development of Territories contaminated as a result of the Chornobyl Catastrophe», the SAUEZM approved water routes to visit the Exclusion Zone, which forsee the movement along the rivers Pripyat and Uzh.

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