The first case with spent nuclear fuel is placed in the storage of spent nuclear fuel «dry» type – ISF-2

On November 18, as part of the «hot» tests at the spent nuclear fuel storage facility «dry» type ISF-2, work was carried out to place the first case loaded with spent nuclear fuel in a concrete module for long-term storage for 100 years.

These works were performed by the Chornobyl NPP personnel under the supervision of IAEA specialists, the SNRIU and Holtek LLS.

Maksym Shevchuk, Deputy Head of the State Agency of Ukraine on Exclusion Zone Management, thanked international partners who are donors to the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development’s Nuclear Safety Account for financial support to Ukraine during the decommissioning of the Chornobyl NPP and transformation of the Shelter into an ecologically safe system. He also wished the Chornobyl station a successful and safe completion of the «hot» tests and further operation of the ISF-2.

«Our task is the full and safe operation of this facility. Therefore, in order to ensure all necessary expenditures for ISF-2, we together with the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources of Ukraine, profile committees of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, as well as with the support of MPs are working to provide financial needs of the Chornobyl NPP to ensure the efficient operation of facilities that were built at the expense of international partners», - said the Deputy Head of SAUEZM, Maksym Shevchuk.

According to Volodymyr Peskov, Acting Director General of the Chornobyl NPP, the placement of the first pencil case loaded with spent nuclear fuel is a historic event not only for the Chornobyl NPP, but also for the whole of Ukraine, as this issue was preceded by long-term, complex and coordinated work of customers, contractors and regulators.

It will be recalled that on September 7, 2020, Chornobyl NPP received a separate permit to carry out the commissioning of the ISF-2, to conduct «hot» tests. On September 10, the first batch of 9 spent fuel assemblies was transported from ISF-1 to ISF-2.

A total of 93 spent fuel assemblies were transported from ISF-1 to ISF-2 to fill one case, which was divided into fuel bundles. Fuel bundles were placed in fuel cartridges, which were placed in a double-walled dry shielded pencil case, technological works on its sealing were performed and today they were placed in a concrete storage module.

Today, according to the schedule, the date of completion of hot tests is scheduled for December 2020, and in April 2021 it is planned to obtain a license to operate ISF-2. But partial financing of the Chornobyl needs may jeopardize the relevant work in 2021.

For reference. During the period of electricity generation, from 1977 to 2000, the Chornobyl station accumulated more than 21 thousand fuel assemblies, which are now stored in the spent nuclear fuel storage «wet» type ISF-1. The ISF-1 storage facility is not designed for long-term storage of fuel and its service life is limited, so all spent fuel assemblies must be moved to the newly built intermediate storage facility for spent nuclear fuel of the «dry» ISF-2 type.

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